Silverstar Development

Walking up to the front door you encounter 16 x 16 multicolor slate set on a diagonal.

As you walk up the entry steps you notice they are also lined with the beautiful slate. As you walk through the front door you then step on to a classic light Travertine in an 18 x 18. Note the custom cutting the installer did to create a pattern in the floor.

As you walk into the kitchen you see the classic light Travertine that runs throughout the home. As you walk down the hallway the pattern on the floor duplicates the pattern on the ceiling.

As you walk into the master bath the liner in the shower was custom cut from lighter and darker pieces on the travertine to create this unique liner. A darker Travertine in a 2 x2 is used as a decorative background to the shower controls.

As you step out onto the patio the 16 x 16 multicolor slate was used. Note the diagonal tiles used on the risers, customer cut from the slate. Not to be left out, even the utility sink in the garage was done in the classic light Travertine, hand bull nosed on the front edge.

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